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Baig Auto Detailing

“I loved cars ever since I could walk, I would always go with my dad to car showrooms and get model cars from Lexus and when I went on vacation we would always check out the differences with American cars. The first car I really fell in love with was the BMW M3, which has a ┬ánaturally aspirated V8 (in production up until 2013) which was a beautiful car with 4.0 liter 414 horsepower V8. As a current car detailer, I work with many products to get and maintain the car in perfect condition. Two of my favorite cleaners are Megulars and Chemical Guys because they both sell in bulk (attractive to the high volume user) and also have a longer and stronger effect on a car’s cleanliness . One cleaner I try to stay away from is Armour All because it is more cheap, less effective, and are used by the everyday consumer. As a separate business, I try to stand out and use products that differ from the norm.”

-Ali Baig